About Us

Bakasur – In Indian mythology, Bakasura was an Asura (demon) who enjoyed food and used to eat a lot. Bakasur encourages its customers to over indulgence with traditional food with a new twist. We believe in serving fresh food prepared from fresh ingredients maintaining the originality of recipes. We have traveled extensively across India to identify flavors and unique cuisines of each place and we cook using the accumulated experience of many, many hours of travel, in the kitchen and at the table. We aim to satisfy the hunger by feeding the curiosity, the senses and the desire.

Our food is prepared fresh daily in traditional pot style cooking where each dish is individually cooked in pot instead of pan style cooking where dish is assembled against order. Bakasur serves food which you can have everyday and we aim to make good food available at affordable price. We have started producing own vegetables at our farms to ensure chemical & pesticide free vegetables. We source our ingredients from the best sources only considering quality & health aspect of our valuable guest. We do not use artificial color, artificial seasoning or harmful chemicals in our kitchen.

Our Team: Ravi and Yeshwant are two main pillars of K.K. Eateries. They manage the operational aspects of the restaurants. Ravi mainly takes care of the kitchen and has worked many hours in reworking some of the traditional items to give the same a new dimension. Yeshwant, on the other hand, is the customer face of the business. Between both of them, they ensure that eating at any of the restaurants of KK Eateries not only delicious, but also fun, emotional, and provocative.

About KK Eateries
Love for good food and the passion of bringing cuisines from different parts of India into one place prompted Mr. Satish to for K.K. Eateries Pvt. Ltd. We wish to have our presence in the southern and western part of India in the next 5-years. We wish to be (partly) self-sustaining in terms of our requirement of fresh vegetables and herbs and we will work towards further strengthening our horticulture segment. We will continue to push ourselves to bring in more value for our patrons. KK Eateries has operations at present in Karnataka, Kerala and expanding shortly to Tamilnadu.